UK Social Mobility Awards

UK Social Mobility Awards Gala

London Marriott Hotel
18th October

Bob Bamford

Wing Commander


Bob Bamford joined the Royal Air Force as a direct entrant in 1990; an administration officer, he has undertaken a very broad range of personnel roles since, across the UK and on operations (including Saudi Arabia, NI, Iraq and Afghanistan).

He has a strong recruiting pedigree and is currently serving as the specialist recruiter at HQ Recruiting & Selection – his responsibilities there include the recruitment of difficult to recruit trades and branches, talent recruitment from minority communities, and improving gender recruitment to the RAF – it these respects, the RAF has been very successful in the past 3 years, but Bob is not resting on any laurels and, among other initiatives, is leading a ground-breaking project on targeted community engagement using specialist engagers in towns and cities across the UK.

He is the architect of Intelligent Recruiting, an information driven, data led, approach that allows R&S to tailor activity across the talent spectrum to where it is most effective – a 4 year extension in post until 2020 will enable him to bring continuity to the quest to achieve the PM’s current BAME and Gender targets to be delivered by 2020.

He leads the RAF’s schools and communities engagement programme and is a passionate believer in Social Mobility and the associated responsibilities that institutions and employers should discharge freely and gladly, using Role Models, Ambassadors and Advocates.